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Buy JWH-073 Online, is a naphtoylindole alkylated at the indole nitrogen.
Synthesis of JWH-073 can be carried out in analogy to the synthesis strategies
described for various aminoalkylindoles.
yl)methanone is prepared by Friedel-Crafts acylation using 1-H-indole and
naphthalene-1-carbonyl chloride (prepared from naphthalene-1-carboxylic acid
and thionyl chloride). Afterward, N-alkylation is performed by addition of 1-
bromobutane. The synthesis can also be performed vice versa. Common
precursors are the above-mentioned 1-H-indole, naphthalene-1-carbonyl
chloride and 1-bromobutane. Alternatively, 1-butyl-indole can be used as a
precursor in order to skip the N-alkylation step. Buy JWH-073 Online

Routes of administration and dosage

JWH-073 is mainly offered on the Internet either in the form of ‘herbal mixtures’,
where the chemical has been sprayed on plant material (e.g. damiana) or as a
51, 52 Based on user reports and on the dosage forms offered, the primary route
of administration is inhalation either by smoking the ‘herbal mixture’ as a joint or
utilizing a vaporizer, bong or pipe.
53 Furthermore, oral consumption of the compound
was described by various users on the Internet.
53 Based on information posted at
Internet forums, common dosages are in the range of 4 to 10 mg when
smoked/vaporized (, Doses for an oral application can
be assumed to be significantly higher due to lower bioavailability.
Reports suggest a duration of action for JWH-073 of 1-2 hours when smoked.

Users reported cannabimimetic effects after smoking the drug. Potency was reported
to be about half of the potency of JWH-018.
JWH-073 content was analyzed by several authors in various ‘herbal mixtures’
purchased in the USA (0.04 – 26 mg/g)1
, Germany (5.8 – 22.9 mg/g)16, Japan (24.7 –
107 mg/g)14, Italy (44 & 47 mg/g)8
, and Korea (0.4 – 41.8 mg/g)9
. Doses can be
adjusted by the amount of ‘herbal mixture’ used to prepare a joint.
It has to be considered that many of the ‘herbal mixtures’ are inhomogeneous with
respect to the content of active ingredients, as it has been shown by Choi et al., Langer
et al., Logan et al. Ng et al., and Zuba et al.1, 9-12, 54, 55 In some cases the JWH-073
content ranged from 3.2 to 16.6 mg/g within one product.
Furthermore, quite often
more than one synthetic cannabinoid is added to ‘herbal mixtures’. 1, 7, 9, 56, 57 In Japan,
Kikura-Hanajiri et al. detected an average number of 2.6 synthetic cannabinoids per
56 The maximum number of synthetic cannabinoids detected in one mixture by
the authors was ten.
Analysis of JWH-073 powder ordered from one online retailer revealed a purity of
96.5 %.
25 Furthermore, the smell of naphthalene was noticeable in the sample.

Buy JWH-073 Online


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